Computer & Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

We have tried our best to make it easy and smooth for our clients. So, here's how our Laptop Repairs are carried out...

If your laptop computer is having issues and you are looking for a repair service near you, just contact us by phone, email or whatsapp to let us know the problem. Based on your explanation of the issue, we should be able to define the problem and give you an approximate quote to repair. If you are good with the price, we may then fix a rendez-vous so you can drop the laptop with us. We will do necessary repairs and deliver within 24 hours so you may continue using your laptop.

Here's a summary of how we proceed:

  1. Call or Email us
  2. We quote you right away & fix a rendez-vous
  3. You drop the laptop and we start the repair process
  4. You receive sms notifications of the progress
  5. We finalise repair and you pick up your laptop promptly (usually 24 hours)

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Repair Work

We are located in Rose Hill but we offer a laptop repair service throughout the island. Wherever you are, just call or email us for a rendez-vous so you can drop your computer/laptop for repairs. We normally offer a 24 hour service as far as possible but in some cases it might take a little longer if parts are unavailable.

Call us for your repairs 5-917-27-27